TRP Discovery Approach

Algomedix employs an innovative approach to the discovery of its novel TRP therapeutics.
In contrast to traditional high-throughput screening approaches, Algomedix utilizes a rational drug design approach. The process begins with identification of a TRP-receptor channel that is critical to the disease. Based on human medical genetics and diseases caused by mutations in specific TRP channels, also known as channelopathies, we pursue a validated target-based approach to discovering new molecular entities. These novel, small molecules have the potential to provide new treatment options for patients in areas of high unmet medical need, such as pain and chronic kidney disease.

Algomedix drug development programs are based on a combination of ligand and structure-based drug design, utilizing unparalleled, specialized knowledge of drug-ion channel interactions. This approach enables Algomedix to develop therapeutic candidates with improved drug-like properties that can be rapidly advanced to clinical development.

The Algomedix TRP discovery approach has resulted in the internal generation of potential first-in-class novel therapeutic candidates that include a next-generation analgesic and a highly-differentiated treatment for chronic kidney disease. Our therapeutic development approach incorporates precision medicine, enabling applications for orphan diseases and rapid proof-of-principle in clinical trials. The company is advancing a novel product pipeline with the potential for additional therapeutic indications which include diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapeutic-induced peripheral neuropathy, post-surgical pain, ocular pain and dry eye disease, asthma and many more.